Indy Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix Weekend photos
These photos were taken prior to the Jennie DeVoe Band's concert on Friday 22 September 2000 in Downtown Indianapolis on the Legion Memorial Mall. This was one of the biggest events of the many events held around town during the week leading up to the USGP weekend and the band did not disappoint those in attendence by playing nearly 2 1/2 hours only to have to quit due to a local noise law curfew. I think they would've played for another hour or more if not for the curfew.

Todd, Jennie and Brett relax before taking the stage to conclude a great warm sunny day that was perfect to sit in the park with nice cars, over 100 Ferraris were on display, and listen to some great music. Another shot of Todd, Jennie & Brett including (on the left) the dedicated ladies Diane and Kathy that help Jennie out by working the merchandise sales table.
Jennie takes a little time before the show to chat with one of her fans.I aplogize for the quality of these pics but it was dark, I was using a new digital camera and didn't use the manual exposure (BIG mistake). Sometimes the lessons we learn are *reeallly* hard.  ;~). Jennie tunes the guitar while I learn a very valuable lesson in digital photography and videography. *NEVER* use auto white balancing while shooting concerts .... video isn't so great but the audio track is fantastic! D8 Stereo recording is awesome sounding.
Jennie gets everything ready for the show ... looks like Todd is pretending to be busy in the background. Amazing what a few passes through a photo editor will do to a 'basketcase' photo. Jennie's made her list and she's checkin' it twice!