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DawgNet   9 Dec 1999
DawgNet   27 Jan 2000

Web Tunes Home Page

WebTunes Message Board's message board BBS page for the Jennie Devoe Band's music. Go there to rate their music and post comments about Jennie and the band. Help spread the word about JDB's music!!!! Home Page    Indie Smooth Sounds Internet Radio Station Internet Radio station that is currently playing "Away".

Internet Underground Music Archives Jennie's Artist home page on the IUMA web site.

Women In The Arts Online Newsletter April/May1999 Excellent Spotlight feature article on Jennie. Home Page    Where have I heard that voice before?? Now that most of you have hopefully heard some (or ALL) of Jennie's songs ..... Are some of you wondering *why* does her voice sound kinda familiar? Follow this link to find out!` NOTE: The site now has this clip in mp3 and RealAudio formats.

Sindacato's Band Home Page    Sindacato Web site Web site for a local Indy Country & Folk music group that has an article about the Year In Review ('98) on the local music scene in Indy. The  following mention of Jennie's debut album is contained in the article.Also worth noting: Singer-songwriter Jennie DeVoe released a promising debut album, Does She Walk on Water.  Her radio-friendly "Red Hot Sun" was arguably the best local single of the year. Indianapolis 
Indianapolis based newspaper that focuses on the Central Indiana music, entertainment and cultural scene as well as pertinent news of the area.
Franklin: Central Indiana's newest music mecca? Excellent article from 18 Jan 2001 issue showcasing  Mike & Bob Schofield's Franklin establishments The Willard and ArtCraft Theater  that.are not just venues popular among local artists but national acts. Jennie and the band played the inagural music concert @ the ArtCraft after its recent conversion from a movie theater.
Working:  Musicians in Indy Article from 8 Jul 2000 that shows that being a musician is more than writing/practicing songs, doing gigs and recording CDs. It's a lot of hard work and doing what it takes to pursue their dreams.
CD review of 'Ta Da' Review of Jennie Devoe Band's 2nd release 'Ta Da' from 22 Jun 2000 issue. TD is the 2nd review on the page.
Local musicians' replies to Nuvo's article on the "Death of Rock' in the local Indy music scene Jennie's letter to the editor (11 Mar '99 issue) regarding Indy's local music scene from a musician's perspective. A very insightful look at the music scene especially for those on the outside looking in.
20 Years Ago Today Article from 7 Dec 2000 issue about John Lennon's shooting with many local artists, including Jennie, sharing thier views about John Lennon.

Janet Rains'Home Page    1999 Indianapolis Lilith Fair Pics 1999 Lilith pics from the Indianapolis show from singer/songwriter Janet Rains home page. Check 'em out!

Besides being the great front voice of JDB ... Jennie helps out on other artist's songs. Check out this review including comments on Jennie's background vocals.

InnerStreams Internet Radio 24/7 New Age Internet Radio station that currently plays "Away" in it's rotation.

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