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Welcome to my little spot in the vastness of cyberspace! This page is the gateway to my imagination ... a world of sight, sound and mind (what little there's left of it!). NARF!! :~) The links below will take you to my various rest stops on the Internet SuperHighway (watch out for roadkill) that are rememberances of the past, the happenings of now and maybe even a look at the future.
Sit low, hang on & enjoy the ride.

Click on the link below to be taken away to Naked People or one of my other personal pages .....

Naked People -- The Official Jennie DeVoe Band Fan Website

or my favorite cool links


REBELS WITH A CAUSE! Rock the Rebellion! ... If you have what it takes.

Check out the Black Box Rebellion.

If you loved Patrice Pike & Wayne Sutton in sister seven, then check out their new venture: 

Patrice Pike and the Black Box Rebellion. Vive le Rebellion!!


World Of Outlaws


OK GEAR HEADS, MUSCLE CAR FREAKS, WEEKEND RACERS and anybody that has that need for SPEED .... this little online drag racing head to head game is for you. Pick your favorite car from a growing list of vehicles, drop an engine and drive train into it and pick your choice of fuel systems, personally I'd rather be BLOWN than GASSED! ;-) Test your engine tuning knowledge in the Engine Shop. When you're ready to rumble head out to the track to make a couple of shakedown passes before challenging other online racers for points. IF YOU'RE BRAVE strap yourself into a 6000+ HP Nitro burnin' Top Fuel dragster .... sharpen those reaction times, set your clutch lock-up points properly and wind the motor through the lights at 300+ mph. This is one COOL SIM and the best thing is you race on a race track where everybody's safe and there's no cops to run from .... Join Team JDB_Rocks! today.
Remember ... Street Racing *IS NOT!* Drag Racing.


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